Ayyyy Happy Birthday mah bud! I just wanna thank you for bringing back Tom when he needed somebody to ask him questions the most, but now its on another hiatus until probably semestral break, I’ve got school now so yeah. Happy bday again!! ^u^

(( Oh my gosh thank you ;v; You honor me with such credit and lovely birthday arts. And I understand the hiatus perfectly uvu so don’t sweat it <3 ))

on hiatus ‘til maybe sembreak

[ Yo guys, that’ll be the last ask I’m answerin’ for a few months now. School starts this Friday, I should be prepping for college applications in the coming months, so I should be spending time on things that are very important to me & my school life. It’s been fun y’all. ]

[ No worries tho, I’ll still draw things and make life updates on my main blog. See you all very soon. ] 

Hey Tomas, I don't seem like an -evil- wizard to you, do I-? Because someone's been spreading terrible rumors about be, but it did get me wondering how others see me...

"Oh bajeezuz! What’s goin’ on? What rumors?"
“You’re a pretty cool wizard and guy in general, I know you do no harm man.”

((Seriously though, who's his crush?))
What's your theme called? Just curious because it looks cool

[ Dude, check out the first few posts of this blog, you’ll see ;) ]

[PS. I used color pallete #17 from the pallete game thingy here haha ]

[ Yo guys, I’ll get back to your asks soon! I’m still workin’ on a commish, which is my priority right now ]

[ Here’s the background I made for the blog! I even made a colorless version! Feel free to use it, just remember to tile it and please give credit :v ]

[ I’d like to credit graphitedoll again for her splendid art (i want to marry it), from which this style was inspired from again!! ]

[ Changed theme, finally~ ]

Hey Tomas, outside of Wizard City, where's your favorite place in Ooo?


"I’ll admit too that sometimes I sneak out at Ice King’s, tho I may not like that old hag, I wanted to help Betty out on her quest to… well, try and save Simon again? I think it’s impossible now, but still I wouldn’t wanna disappoint."